Riley Brianne Hair and Makeup was the business that started this all. Riley was doing hair and makeup as a solo artist until she met Kaylee. Kaylee and Riley were the perfect duo and became each others "Yin" & "Yang". In December 2016, Kaylee moved to Colorado and left the business. In 2017, Riley retired from the business and moved to Florida with her husband. The company was passed down to one of the hairstylists and she owned the business for 2 years. Kaylee moved back to California in June 2018 and shortly after, the business was passed back to Kaylee. Now that Riley is no longer doing Make up, Kaylee is carrying on the business and making it her own. Which became, Belle Mariée Beauty.

Kaylee got the name Belle Mariée Beauty from a few influences in her life. Dance and ballet has always been apart of her life and in ballet they use French terms. Belle Mariée means "Beautiful Bride" which is what she loves to do most. Enhance a brides beauty. Also, her daughters name is Annabelle Marie. Annabelle's middle name comes from Kaylee's mothers' name, Stacy Marie. Kaylee and her family always refer to Annabelle as Belle, so the name was just a perfect fit.

Our Story

Meet Kaylee


Kaylee started doing hair in 2008. She graduated beauty school a few years later and was in the salon for a few years before she met Riley and joined her to be the main hairstylist for weddings and events. Kaylee's passion has always been styling hair. In beauty school she won 1st place in the updo contest. Her years of training and education of styling hair really shows in her work. Since she started the wedding industry she knew she wanted to do that full time and eventually leave the salon. So, this year she is making it happen. She is taking her business and living out her dream.

Kaylee is married to a wonderful man who is a Paramedic Firefighter. They have been married for 6 years and have 2 beautiful children. Joshua, 3 years old, and Annabelle who is almost 2. They are both doing what they are most passionate about in life, being parents. a firefighter and a hairstylist in the wedding industry. Kaylee grew up in California and while she loved living in Colorado for a year, she wanted to come back home.