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Booking fee of $75 is required for weddings. We are not officially booked for your wedding until we receive the booking fee. Booking fees are non refundable and it can not be applied towards any services.

Bridal Preview Hair & Makeup: $200
Bridal Preview Makeup or Hair only: $125
Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: $300

Wedding Day Makeup or Hair only: $190

Touch-up kit & false lashes included with all services.



Bridesmaids & Moms  Hair & Makeup: $200
Bridesmaids & Moms Hair or Makeup only: $140

Junior Bridesmaids (8-12yrs):
Hair & Makeup: $100     Hair or Makeup only: $80

Flowergirls (7 and under):
Hair & Makeup: $75    Hair or Makeup only: $45

Touch-Up kits & false lashes included with all services.


Just for you

Hair & Makeup: $200
Hair or Makeup only : $125

Touchup Kits & False Lashes included with all services.


Mens Grooming Services:
Contact us for price and availbility.

Return or Stay for Touch-ups: 
$150 for first hour
$60 per artist for each additional hour.

Meals provided are appreciated!

Extra Artists:
Every wedding and event comes with

1 hairstylist and 1 makeup artist. If we

need to bring on an extra artist to accommodate 

your large party or for a faster get ready 

time it is an additional $150 per artist. 

Hair Extensions:
If you have clip in hair extensions, we are able to 

incorporate them into your hairstyle. The cost

ranges from $30 to $60 depending on how many 

tracks of hair the stylist puts in.

Early Bird Fee:
Any weddings that require us to start before 6am or earlier there 

is an extra fee of $50 per hour before 6am.

Travel Fee:

We do require a travel fee starting at $40. Price is subject to change depending on venue location.

Holiday Fee:

Weddings and events that fall on a National Holiday is an additional $50/hour 

Relocation Fee:


If you need us to start at one location and move to the venue or another location for services, we can absolutely do that! Sometimes bridal suites wont let you in early enough to start hair and makeup so we will start at a hotel or ARB&B then move to the bridal suite when it opens. 

Minimum Requirement:

For local (within 15 miles radius of Temecula) weddings, we do not require a minimum. For weddings that are outside of that area, we do require a minimum of 4 people getting services. It does not matter if it is hair and makeup or just one of the services. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please send us a message!

How to
prepare for your bridal preview

What is it:

The bridal preview appointment is strongly recommended! We do a full consultation with you and give you our experienced advice (if asked) of what looks we think will look best for your hair type, face shape and even the wedding dress you chose.

What to bring:

If you have inspiration photos of hair and makeup, please bring those photos with you to show the artists the styles that you love. In addition to bringing photos, if you have a veil for your hair or any hair accessories you are more then welcome to bring those so we can incorporate those into your style. We provide false lashes and lip color but if you have specific makeup products that you would like to use, please bring those. 

How to prep my skin & hair:

We recommend coming in with semi clean hair meaning washed the night before with no product in it. If you need some time of an oil or frizz control, that is okay. For your skin, please exfoliate the morning of or the night before and do a moisturizing mask if possible. It helps for the foundation to sit on your skin flawlessly. In addition, please come with a clean and moisturized face with no product on. 

Cancellation/Change appointment:

If you need to cancel or change appointment, we ask you to do so 48 hours prior to your appointment. We will send out confirmations a day or 2 before your appointment. If we do not receive a confirmation the artists will cancel the appointment and not show up. If you NO CALL NO SHOW we do hold you responsible for the full amount of $200 for your appointment. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 

Film &


Hair & Makeup:
$250 for first hour
$100 per artist for each additional hour.

2 artists (one hairstylist & one make up artist) are included in this price. It takes 30 min-1 hr per person for hair and makeup. If you would like to keep us around for touch ups or style changes you can keep both artist for $50/hr.  each or you can choose hair or makeup at the same rate of $50/hr. Please fill out the contact form for inquiries.

* Non-refundable retainer fee required for all services. Travel fee required for all bookings. Contact us for details.

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