Booking fee of $50 is required for weddings. We are not officially booked for your wedding until we receive the booking fee.

Bridal Preview Hair & Makeup: $175



Bridal Preview Makeup or Hair only: $90



Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: $250


Wedding Day Makeup or Hair only: $150


Touch-up kit & false lashes included with all services.



Bridesmaids & Moms  Hair & Makeup: $175



Bridesmaids & Moms Hair or Makeup only: $125


Junior Bridesmaids (8-12yrs):

Hair & Makeup: $90     Hair or Makeup only: $60

Flowergirls (7 and under):

Hair & Makeup: $50    Hair or Makeup only: $30


Touch-Up kits & false lashes included with all services.


Just for you

Hair & Makeup: $175
Hair or Makeup only : $90

Touchup Kits & False Lashes included with all services.


Mens Grooming Services:
Contact us for price and availbility.

Return or Stay for Touch-ups: 
$150 for first hour
$60 per artist for each additional hour.

Meals provided are appreciated!

Extra Artists:
Every wedding and event comes with

1 hairstylist and 1 makeup artist. If we

need to bring on an extra artist to accommodate 

your large party or for a faster get ready 

time it is an additional $150 per artist. 

Hair Extensions:
If you have clip in hair extensions, we are able to 

incorporate them into your hairstyle. The cost

ranges from $20 to $50 depending on how many 

tracks of hair the stylist puts in.

Early Bird Fee:
Any weddings that require us to start before 6am there 

is an extra fee of $50 per hour before 6am.

Film &


Hair & Makeup:
$175 for first hour
$50 per artist for each additional hour.

2 artists (one hairstylist & one make up artist) are included in this price. It takes 30 min-1 hr per person for hair and makeup. If you would like to keep us around for touch ups or style changes you can keep both artist for $50/hr.  each or you can choose hair or makeup at the same rate of $50/hr. Please email for inquiries.

* Non-refundable retainer fee required for all services. Travel fee may incur based on location. Contact us for details.