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Are your prices up to date?

You bet. We make it priority to maintain the website with the most recent updates and information for your reference. <3

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What brand of products do you use in your kits ?

Call us collectors, but we use all kinds. You can find anything from Make Up For Ever, to Urban Decay, Cover FX, Too Faced, and more.  Most of the brands in my kit can be found at your local Sephora, Macy's, or Norstrom's. We do also have a few (awesome) drugstore brands in our kits that we highly recommend, including Revlon and Maybelline. Although these are only a few, and I only use very specific products from them.

Hairstyling products are always professional quality. We mainly use Kenra and Unite styling producrts. The hair spray that we always get so many questions on is, Matrix Biologe Complete Control hairspray. It smells amazing and holds any style.
All that to say, you can trust that the quality of products you will find in our makeup cases and hair bags will be professional-grade, with every capability of achieving the flawless looks you're after. 

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Can you handle large parties?

Most of the time.

Whether your large party is your wedding party, a group of ladies ready for a makeup lesson, or anything in between, we can usually do it. It all depends on availability of the artists we contract out.
Here's how it works: 
The first two artists (a lead and one assistant) are provided. If your large party requires more artists due to time constraints, location restraints, or simply has a lot of ladies, each additional artist is a flat $150 to help subsidize costs.
When we book additional artists for large party events, it erases their availability for any other event that day.

We must have a minimum one month notice regarding needs for additional artists to guarantee their availability, as we usually contract out to other professionals in the field.
If you have additional questions about why this fee is in place, don't hesitate to ask! 

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How does the booking process work?

Let us break it down for you. 

• We may message back and forth for a while, but you are not officially booked with us until we receive a Retainer Fee. Once we do, you are officially added to our calendar, and no one else can book your assigned artists on that day, at that time. Your artists are locked in.

• We operate on a "first-come, first serve" basis. Meaning, if we receive two inquiries about the same date and time, and who request the same team of artists, whoever pays the retainer first will book with their requested artists (assuming they're available). To the one who didn't pay the Retainer in time, we will offer to book one of the other fabulous artists on the team instead. (And they really are fabulous!)

• All Retainer Fee payments are processed through Honeybook, our booking program, unless you request something else. We will do our best to accomodate your needs. 

 • For your reference: 
         - In order to book a Special Occasion with us (this includes a Bridal Preview), we require a $30 non-refundable Retainer Fee (see question #3), which is deductible from the cost of the day of your event.
         - In order to book a Wedding with us, we require a $50 non-refundable Retainer Fee, which is not deductible from the cost of your wedding day. A $3 processing fee is charged for each payment. 

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Do you offer any discounts?

We're so glad you asked! 

When you send an inquiry, just ask if we're offering any at the time.
Here is the discount I consistently offer: 

        • 10% off the total bill to any Military, Fire, and Police (Photo ID required). Discount only applies to                          personal bill of service member. And THANK YOU for your service!!! <3

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Do you travel to location?

Yes we do!

We will go anywhere in the world for these rates, always starting at each artist's point of origin:

Southern California: 

Speaking round-trip, the first 50 miles are on us. After that, it's $15 for every 20 miles traveled. Additional fees may be added if additional artists/vehicles are needed.

If your event is outside of my 25-mile radius for free travel, then usually we require a minimum of 4 services booked. Contact us with questions regarding this!

Outside of Southern California:
Airfare, lodging, and meals must be paid for by the client. In addition, we are willing to work out a trade!

Sometimes, lodging is required for certain events. Our travel fee usually applies to the cost of a place to stay, so if you have any discounts or group rates that you can extend to us in this case, we would be thankful. 

Additional note: We carpool as much as we can! We try to keep costs down for our clients as much as possible, and are always communicating with each other on how we can make that happen. Sometimes, however, it is inevitable that we have to take more than one car to your destination. <3

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Do you stay up-to-date on current trends?

Of course! 

When you're in our field of work, you have to. It's not optional - it's a must. 
We make it a point to check in on what's trending on Pinterest, YouTube, and all of the fashion and beauty trend gurus, as well as keeping tabs on what comes off the runways! <3

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Do you require a contract?

We do. 

Before any service is rendered, we must have a signed contract in hand. The contract is presented, signed, and collected in person at your appointment. 
For anyone under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a contract for them. If you would like to a review a copy of the contract before your appointment, contact us and we'll work out the details. <3

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What forms of payment do you accept?

This is good to know! 

We take most payments through Honeybook, the booking program we use. An account will be created for you when you contact us via the contact form. It's very easy to use, so don't worry!
Honeybook accepts most major credit cards. If Honeybook is not an acceptable form of payment for you, we will do what we can to work with you on how to deliver payment. Please understand that, due to certain credit card processing fees, we may have to charge extra. 
Full payment is due on the day of your event. In person, we can accept cash or personal check. 

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When do I need to pay by?

We're lenient. 

You can pay whenever is most comfortable for you, whether that's in advance or on the day of. The only "hard and fast" rule we have here is that all payments are due by the time the services are completed on the day of your event. <3

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Where is your studio/salon located?

This is actually a trick question. 

We are a completely mobile company, which means we don't have a storefront or physical address. We either come to you, wherever you are, or we arrange for your appointment to take place at the location of our choosing, which is usually one of our artists' homes <3

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What is Honeybook?

Our lifesaver! 

Honeybook is our booking program, and it has made the booking process so much simpler for us and our clients. When you contact us using the contact form here, it automatically creates an account in Honeybook for you. It's an extremely easy program to use, so don't worry about trying to figure a new thing out. 
We message you through Honeybook, and you have the option of responding by either logging in to your account online, or simply pressing the teal "reply" button at the bottom of your email notification. 
Because of Honeybook, we are able to assign artists to your event, and you'll actually be able to consult with them regarding your style or look before your appointment. It's a neat program! 
Additionally, we take most payments through Honeybook, including the retainer fees.
If you ever have any questions about Honeybook, don't hesitate to ask us! <3

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