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What will my appointment look like?

Quick, fun, with results that 'wow'!
That's the goal, anyway! Once you meet with your artists, you'll get comfortable in the chair they will use for your appointment. If they meet you at your location, they will need a few minutes to rearrange furniture so that they can set up with the best lighting possible for the makeup artist, and a surface near an outlet for the hairstylist. Most likely, this means setting up in front of a window or large sliding doors. 
Your hairstylist and makeup artist will then consult with you on your look, discovering exactly what you want while applying it to your hair type, skin type, etc. Since we believe in honesty, they will let you know whether your chosen look is doable with the hair type you have, the eye shape you have, etc. and guide you through what they can do. We do not tell you something is achievable when it isn't, and leave you looking (and feeling) like a mess! We would much rather walk you through your options, and leave you feeling glamorous and cared for. 
When the artists are through consulting, they'll ask you to fill out a simple contract (our lawyer would give us a stern talkin'-to if we didn't collect these), then begin styling your hair and applying your makeup. After about 45 minutes, they'll do the final reveal and ask for any feedback and and whether or not you have any changes you want made to the look. Once those are completed, they'll finish up. If payment was not collected in advance, they'll collect it then, pack up, and be on their merry way, a happy client behind them! 

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Is there anything I can do to prepare for getting my makeup done?

Many clients expect a flawless face, and 90% of the time, that's exactly what they leave with! However, there is that 10% that could have done more to prepare their skin for us. At the end of the day, makeup is still makeup, and there isn't much we can do to change the texture of the "canvas", so to speak. The better your skin is, the better your makeup will be, hands-down, every time.

The more you do to prepare your skin (proper cleansing, exfoliation, etc), the smoother your skin's texture will be, which means the better your makeup will look. Proper skin care has it's rewards when it comes to the finished product of a makeup look. I highly recommend getting 1-2 facials before our appointment, that way your skin is absolutely glowing and radiant - and ready for flawless makeup. Consult with your esthetician regarding a proper skin care routine for your skin type. <3

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How will you remember what look we did if I book my Bridal Preview in advance?

As every makeup artist should, we use face charts!

Sadly, we've found that too many industry professionals simply run on memory, quick notes, or "the vibe" on the day of. We do not. To guarantee that you get the look you planned for on your big day, we make detailed notes tailored to your look, that we consistently reference during the 'real thing'! This means that your look is consistant from Preview to Wedding Day, unless you decide to make changes! <3

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Should I bring a picture of the makeup and hair styles l like?

Yes, please! 

Even though our artists and stylists are more than capable of consulting verbally with you and finding out what looks you want, pictures are always helpful. Many ladies will use Pinterest for inspiration, and simply pull their photos up on their phone at their appointment. We're completely okay with this, and love it when our clients share what inspires them! <3

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What should I bring to my Bridal Preview?

We're so glad you asked!

As mentioned above, photo inspiration is always helpful to communicate exactly what you want to our artists. Even if it's a Pinterest board pulled up on your phone, we love seeing pictures!
Pictures of your wedding gown, as well as your wedding colors and the color(s) of your bridesmaid dresses (if any) are always helpful, too.
In addition to that, if you have your veil, bring that along with any other hair pieces you may want to use on the day of your wedding. We want you to see your final look as much as possible, without bringing your actual dress!
Our makeup artists will provide a lip color for you, but if there is a particular product or color that you love, bring that too.
Important note: Bridal Previews tend to last a little longer than a normal appointment, so make sure you budget 2 hours in your schedule! <3

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Where will my appointment be held?

That depends! 

We can either come to you (travel fee may apply), or you can come to us. Since we do not have a storefront, studio, or salon - we're a completely mobile company - the location will most likely be one of our artists' homes. Before any appointments are permitted to take place in an artist's home, however, their main area is inspected by Riley or Kaylee for cleanliness and comfort, so rest assured, you won't be uncomfortable there. <3

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How long will my appointment last?

That depends on you. 

For our artists, it takes about 5 minutes to set their stations up, and about 45 minutes to complete makeup and hair for one client. If you see anything you want changed, however, your appointment will run longer. Additionally, if you have extra long hair, extensions, or any additional services (like a tattoo coverup), your appointment will run longer. As you're booking your appointment with us on Honeybook, our booking program, feel free to include as many details as you can regarding your needs, and we can give you a more accurate timeframe for your appointment. <3

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Do I need to tip my artists?

We get asked this a lot, actually. 

Just like with your waitress at a restaurant, or your nail salon artist, tipping is considered polite. However, with us, we do not require one, expect one, or "wait around" for one. When we receive a tip, though, it lights up our worlds as it is the biggest form of a compliment in our industry. We know we did an excellent job and that our client was happy with our work when we receive one!
Regarding amounts, it's really up to you. We've been tipped $5 per artist, and we've been tipped $100 per artist. If you need a guideline to follow, $10 per artist, per service is pretty average. But's completely up to you, as it's completely unexpected! 

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