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How long does it take to style hair or do makeup?

Depends. On average, it takes about 45 minutes per service, but that time can easily fluctuate depending on a variety of circumstances. If your hair is extra thick, extra long, or both, or if you want extensions, it will increase the time significantly. For more complex makeup looks, it will take more time. There are many situations that may change the time it takes, so when you contact us, feel free to ask for a time estimate on your party count. The more details you have regarding hair types/lengths/extensions, as well as skin types and makeup looks, the better. <3

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02 - I have extra long hair. Can you style it?


Extra long hair is usually down to the mid back (more specifically, the standard bra strap/clasp) or longer. 

The perk to extra long hair is that oftentimes, it gives us more options when it comes to styling it. However, because it's so long, achieving volume is very difficult because of the weight of the hair, and it takes up to twice as long to curl and style it as hair that falls to the upper back or higher. For that reason, we may charge an extra amount upon examining your hair. <3

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03 - Do you have experience with styling extensions?

Sure do!

At about one out of every three weddings, some of the ladies ask us to place their clip-in extensions and style their hair; as a result, we have plenty of experience.

Extensions are a common addition to add volume and thickness to the hair. For women with thin, fine, and/or short hair, they are a great option. For women who already have thick, long hair and who want to add extensions for that extra little 'oomph', they are also a great option. 

Depending on the length/thickness of the hair, the desired style, and whether or not we place the extensions in for you, there may be an additional charge. Just like with extra long hair, extensions add length and thickness, so styling it may take up to twice as long. The amount is solely determined upon consultation (seeing the hair). <3

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I'm interested in airbrush makeup. Is there anything I need to know about it?

Quite a bit, actually.
Traditional foundation is typically applied with a brush, fingers, or a sponge. In doing this, any texture apparent on the skin (dryness, acne, etc) can be lifted from the surface of the skin and unintentionally enhanced. Additionally (even though our hygiene practices are top-notch), because a tool is coming into contact with your skin, there is more chance of bacteria contact. 
Since Airbrushing means that no tools come into contact with you skin, its far more hygienic. When the foundation is passed through the nozzle of the airbrush gun, it is micronized into an extremely fine mist. Essentially, a million little spheres of foundation are "snowing" on your skin, building on top of each other to provide coverage. Because of this, texture is not accentuated, meaning a glowing, porcelain finish every time. 
Here's the catch: 

With airbrushing, you usually have to have perfect skin to begin with in order for it to last all day. If you don't, then the foundation tends to feel heavy (cakey) and wear off within a few hours. I'll bet you didn't read THAT anywhere...! Airbrush is simply a trendy hype right now, and honestly, you can achieve the same level of airbrushed flawlessness with traditional foundation as long as you know the right techniques. Which we do. ;-)
Be assured that we always consult with and advise our clients before they choose which foundation type they want, as we always want the longest-lasting finish customized completely for them!
Important Note: At this time, airbrush makeup is only available through Riley herself. <3

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Will the makeup and hair last all day?


Riley and Kaylee have worked hard for 7 years to develop specific techniques to fulfull this very need, and they absolutely succeeded. Between using the just the right products and just the right techiques, they've discovered looks that are practically bomb-proof. Just take a look at the 70+ reviews on Yelp, Wedding Wire, and The Knot - many of those reviews speak to how long our makeup and hairstyles have lasted!
These techniques have been taught and transfered to each of the artists at Riley Brianne. 

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I have special needs. Can you accommodate me?

As much as we can!

We've been able to accommodate a lot. From ALS cases who can't get out of bed, to cancer patients, to handicapped individuals, we've done everything in our power to make our clients feel just as beautiful and as special as we can, no matter the circumstance. Just let us know what you need when you contact us, and we'll work it out. <3

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My bangs need a trim. Is this something you can do at my appointment?

Of course! 

Just ask your assigned hairstylist to bring their scissors and their current pricing when you contact us. This is not a service that Riley Brianne technically offers, but you are more than welcome to inquire with the individual stylist and work the details out via Honeybook. <3

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Do you provide mens grooming services?

We do. 

For now, it's through our individual stylists, and not currently offered through Riley Brianne, however, it's something we can absolutely accommodate for you. Simply ask your event's assigned hairstylist for their list of services and current prices. <3

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Do I need to leave a tip?

We get asked this a lot, actually.
Just like with your waitress at a restaurant, or your nail salon artist, tipping is considered polite. However, with us, we do not require one, expect one, or "wait around" for one. When we receive a tip, though, it lights up our worlds as it is the biggest form of a compliment in our industry. We know we did an excellent job and that our client was happy with our work when we receive one!
Regarding amounts, it's really up to you. We've been tipped $5 per artist, and we've been tipped $100 per artist. If you need a guideline to follow, $10 per artist, per service is pretty average. But's completely up to you, as it's completely unexpected!  <3

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